Author Topic: Breeding Tomatoes and Potatoes for Dry Farming  (Read 1866 times)


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Re: Breeding Tomatoes and Potatoes for Dry Farming
« Reply #15 on: 2019-12-17, 05:45:58 PM »

I wonder if William Whitson has any notes on drought tolerance in the wild potatoes he is working with?

William S, I missed that in my earlier reads through this post. William Whitson has done a really excellent job compiling some easily accessible information about wild potatoes an traits.  This link is one that has links to many wild potato species.  Each page that is linked to contains information compiled from many sources.

This page contains details and pictures of many of the USDA accessions that he has grown.  Each is also a link to a page with more detail on that particular accession or TPS plants grown from it.