Author Topic: Germinating super old seeds  (Read 1278 times)


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Re: Germinating super old seeds
« Reply #30 on: 2021-04-15, 02:48:48 PM »
I use a cold frame coverd of one wintering veil fold in 3 and one wintering veil above the pots.
In the background i have put of clay balls.
The night the temperature is up 4C > at out (minimum 2C) and the humidity  is at 99%.
The day the temperature is up to 31C above the pots and the minimal humidity is 30%.
I note that the humidity is more important than the temperature for the germination
It was a great sucess for the germination of my tetsukabuto seeds.Some seeds who look liked totaly flat are germinate.
But the more important before this stape is to put the seeds in water up to they sink or get fat.
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Re: Germinating super old seeds
« Reply #31 on: 2021-04-23, 09:46:55 PM »
I have nothing to contribute on the seed germination front. I just wanted to say way to go Joseph! And way to go for someone saving those seeds despite his early death!

Keep us up to date on the success of this!