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« on: 2022-02-03, 05:04:06 AM »
I thought I ought to change my avatar from one of Dad’s seedlings to one of mine!

I have a modest collection of snowdrops, which include some BIG green ones and some small yellow ones. The comparison photo shows a G. plicatus ‘Glenorma’ next to a G. nivalis  Sandersii group.

I mostly grow snowdrops for cut flowers, and the yellow ones are just a bit small for that, so my aim is to raise a bigger yellow.

The one in this avatar is a step in the right direction. The ovary is a decent yellow. The inner mark is a tad on the greenish side (a common fault IMHO of yellow snowdrops). It is, however, a bit short, only getting to 8cm high.

Just for the record, the previous avatar was a Pleione Vesuvius ‘Ember’. My only role in its existence was selecting it, naming it and bulking up the stock!

Tim DH