Author Topic: Iron Lady F1 Dehybridization Questions  (Read 198 times)

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Iron Lady F1 Dehybridization Questions
« on: 2021-12-27, 05:47:23 PM »
After about three years I finally have enough Iron Lady F2 seed to grow out about 100 F2 plants if I want to badly enough to make the space for it. To date a pack of 10 Iron Lady F1 seeds has met my minimal needs for the project and there are still some seeds in it though I doubt many are left. My intent in growing it was to make interesting crosses but then I never got any crosses made so saved some seed to prevent the expense of buying another packet.

Does anyone else have any Iron Lady Dehybridization results?

I am curious about how different the two parent lines used to produce Iron Lady might be. I would sort of expect the results of an Iron Lady dehybridization to be pretty boring but would be more excited if better flavor, shorter season, or any other substantial variation were known from other people's dehybridizations of it.

Also, would be interested to know about any contamination. I grew my plants not isolated. My 2021 plant for instance was next door to Solanum arcanum and Solanum habrochaites and probably 20 feet or so from Solanum galapagense and some domestics. It had very modest exsertion of the sort that might produce maybe one hybrid in a small seed lot. I would be very surprised but not totally shocked to find a hybrid in my saved seed. 
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