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Project Jo-Gee-oh 2020 on
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:16:09 AM »
Hi all

Well, it's me Jeremy (better known to people here who were on the Homegrown Goodness site as blueadzuki) freshly joined and ready to start talking

I thought I would start with an update on corn project Jo-gee-oh (for those who weren't there when I started it, this is a project to breed a miniature flour corn from some miniature flour flint I got my hands on about ten or so years back)

Progress has not been good, for the usual reason (animals eating all of the seeds as soon as I plant them outside). my material is basically down to the all white stuff, plus about three kernels (two red one speckled). So I guess the corn will be a little on the white side (though since all of the white kernels came from multicolored ears, this isn't exactly certain)

I sprouted some this year (before the critters ate them) so I at least know the seed is still viable.

And while I am depleted of white flour, I still have my full compliment of it's sister miniature dent and sweet finds.

  Will update as new information comes in.