Author Topic: Carrots going to seed in their first year  (Read 349 times)


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Re: Carrots going to seed in their first year
« Reply #15 on: 2020-08-06, 03:18:59 PM »
I have tried digging and replanting but the growing season is too short and difficult by then to re-establish them. I don't irrigate so the soil is usually quite dry by the time the flower in late spring. Root quality seems to be holding up by carefully thinning out any with obvious surface forking. Can you really call them a biennial when they are flowering about six months from germination? I have heard of similar breeding projects with carrots in the tropics where they flower on a similar time scale with selection. I should point out only about 20-30% of the initial variety trial made it to flowering in the first season. Now that rate is up to about 80%.