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« on: 2019-11-10, 06:24:46 AM »
Over on HG we had a thread going on Jostaberries.  Cannot recall whom else was participating in that thread but one of the things that we all seemed to have in common was a low yield from our plants.   Our existing plants would mow be starting to push 10 years old and last year had the best crop on them that they had ever had before the heat cooked them and they all dropped off on one 110F day that we had as they were just starting to ripen properly.  I must report that, based on what I have seen so far, we will have a better crop this year than last year.  So, considering the complexity of the cross that Jostaberries came from, the use of Cholicine to convert them from 2N to 4N, which tends to slow down the flowering of some other groups of plants, it maybe that we just have to be more patient with them than what we would otherwise expect from this group of plants