Author Topic: Vining Yellow Crookneck Squash  (Read 885 times)

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Re: Vining Yellow Crookneck Squash
« Reply #15 on: 2020-03-07, 02:37:30 PM »
Well, I haven't found a vining crookneck yet, but just found a climbing zucchini from Pennard Plants in the U.K.  I've done a quick Google search and it is available from a lot of English seedhouses, but not in North America that I could see.

Here is its description:  Courgette , Climbing , Black Forest 'Patio' Cucurbita pepo , A new RARE (F1) hybrid with a unique climbing habit, Courgette 'Black Forest' makes a great space saving variety for growing in containers on the patio. The long stems will need tying onto a trellis or netting to gently train them upwards. Courgette Black Forest will produce heavy yields of dark green, smooth, cylindrical 15cm (6) courgettes if picked regularly throughout the summer. Height: 120cm (48"). Spread: 60cm (24"). Best Container Grown as it favours a very rich, well-drained soil. ,
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