Author Topic: Dry beans (Rattlesnake x ?)  (Read 642 times)


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Dry beans (Rattlesnake x ?)
« on: 2019-08-30, 11:07:25 AM »
I may have inadvertently taken the first steps toward a climbing bean landrace. Last year I planted rattlesnake beans by the corn (which the vines choked out, so this year I did bean towers). I planted pinto around the outside of the corn patch, and I was also trying to get a first generation from Oland Swedish Brown (Tan to orange), Monos Negros (black and small), and Whipple (white streaked with red). All three of those are bush beans, not climbers, and these new beans don't seem to have any of their characteristics.

The picture is what I'm getting this year, which seems to be Rattlesnake x pinto and two mystery beans. I'm getting straight rattlesnake as well, but these are the interesting ones.

The three at the top are the beans I planted, rattlesnake. The white, rattlesnake patterned small bean, I have no idea what the male parent may have been. Maybe the same parent as the straight brown, since they're the same shape. The plants producing the smaller beans are also smaller plants, but more prolific than the rattlesnake. Can't help wondering if I may have gotten some mixing in the original rattlesnake packet and it's just coming out.

I was going to do a climbing bean landrace, but not until the dry bean landrace is established. I guess that's shifted now. :)