Author Topic: Offspring of blue skinned regular leaf exserted offspring of exserted PL from JL  (Read 41 times)

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I'm excited to see that a tray I planted to seeds from a regular leaf blue skinned offspring of a JL Landrace potato leaf I direct seeded in 2017 are segregating nicely. There are PL plants amongst the regular leaf plants and it looks like from stem color that they could likely be sorted into three levels of high anthocyanin production, low anthocyanin, and regular. Both generations so far had exserted stigmas. Most of the nearby plants were from exserted parents so any further crossing should be mostly with exserted parents. Will be interesting to see them mature. A short season exserted potato leaf with high anythocyanin fruit seems like a possible outcome. Which would be useful in further breeding. Wonder what the unknown father was? Lots of anthocyanin tomatoes in my 2017 garden. If it was Blue Ambrosia it would explain the second generation exsertion and some yellow tomatoes could result. It was minimally exserted both generations. Would like a more extreme form of that trait.
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