Author Topic: Beans and Anthracnose  (Read 53 times)


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Beans and Anthracnose
« on: 2019-02-01, 08:12:16 AM »
Hello all;

We have been working with anthracnose resistance in beans for the last few years. This is not a project that we chose, it chose us when I purchased some beans from a national hardware chain (Cdn Tire) the brand being one of the old American seedhouses (Burpee? But I don't really remember) and they turned out to be infected. By the time we realized what it was and how serious it was our garden was well saturated in the stuff and now growing beans is a big problem.

Meanwhile, some bean crosses had been showing up in the garden, most of them plainly fathered by Cherokee Trail of Tears. Fortuitously, CToT has really quite decent anthracnose resistance so this has been good. One of the beans they crossed with was Blue Lake S7, so we are trying to end up with a strain of beans very like Blue Lake but with better resistance. Right now they are segregating into flat and round pods, green and purple pods, and white, beige, and black seeds.

Is there anyone else out there with bean anthracnose? Would you like to try some of these seeds? If you do NOT have it, I highly recommend that you do not get these seeds from me. We do our best to collect clean seed but the odds are very good that they carry the spores and are infected.