Author Topic: Breeding Sweet Potatoes (turning them into a seed grown annual)  (Read 5567 times)


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Re: Breeding Sweet Potatoes (turning them into a seed grown annual)
« Reply #135 on: 2020-01-04, 02:27:41 PM »
Most of the other sweet potatoes expired as soon as the first frost hit. Any possibility I have a cold tolerant variety?

Unlikely, I think, but who knows? I'v never seen one survive more than the lightest of frosts, and that was just the more protected inside leaves. Roots protected in the ground can be fine after the vines are killed but even they are finished by a hard freeze.

I have collected viable seed from capsules that were touched by light frost as they finished maturing.  Maybe it induced some kind of epigenetic change but again who knows? I could do an experiment and find out I suppose but I'm resisting the temptation to focus on these type of side issues until I get my overall grex with my preferred traits well stabilized.  Those seeds are in the overall mix anyway just not separated out for their own tests.
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