Author Topic: Seed sanitation to avoid introducing pathogens: Phytophthora in Tomato  (Read 42 times)


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To avoid diverting the original topic on blight in tomatoes, but continue the very important topic of disease transmission through seed, here a new topic.

Any suggestions on seed-sanitation counter measures that might be appropriate? For example, would freezing kill spores in/on seeds? Would dehydration?

Each species has it's weak points. Freezing beans against the bean weevil is well known.

About Phytophtora in seeds: I do not know what the weak points of the oospores of the species are.

They survive drying in soil

However, they seem to die if the soil containing them reaches more than 40C. Maybe heating is a solution?
(it does not tell if the soil was dry or wet. Makes a huge difference...)

Lactobacillus may be a way to reduce Phytophthora in tomato seeds,%20et%20al.pdf
I know people who swear about soaking seeds in whey before sowing.