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Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: Yesterday at 10:48:22 AM »
I am home sick for a second day (common cold) and it has given me some time to spend with my tomatoes. So as of this morning I have all of my tomato crossing blocks complete in terms of variety composition as I added two Dwarf Mocha's Cherry to a little planting of three MMS. Which is exciting.

I then spent a little while labeling tomato plants with reused pin flags from last year which involved sorting out ones in good condition without writing on them and then wandering about and writing on them. In a very dense row I made to fit under frost cloth I actually have a lot of very interesting tomato plants interspersed very nicely with tomato plants such as MMM F2 which are very likely to have high outcrossing rates! Which is kind of exciting but in some ways the diversity garden is the least exciting crossing block just because it is very hard to know what might have crossed to what.

I have a number of mysterious seedlings in my garden that may be hybrids. I have possible MMS x Arcanum hybrids and a possible promiscuous x Arcanum hybrid. These may take another generation to confirm if true, or fruit characters etc. may be very confirming. I also have a possible pimpinillifolium hybrid but right now the seedlings look very uniform and pimpinillifolium like. I plan to just plant the clump for the most part and see if there is any color segregation. There is one BH x Unknown seedling from the LA2329 crossing block. It doesn't have the LA2329 smell but it had rounded cotyledons and was quite small. One possibility is that it could have been fathered by LA1410 Solanum galapagense (though physically a little far away it was in the same isolation garden and I do try to collect and distribute such pollen around) and the other is maybe a promiscuous project plant. Then there are two LA1410 Solanum galapagense seedlings that are very odd looking and I suspect they are hybrids with domestic but will need to let them grow longer to know for sure. My wife found a couple tomato volunteers one looks a bit like pimpinillifolium and the other has a promiscuous project vibe to me and by that I mean there is something about the leaf shape and the hairiness of it that makes me say that. Likely both from home compost she used but I did not.

I am sort of excited about my MMS x Unknown seedlings as they are likely crosses with either Exserted Tiger, Big Hill, or Promiscous plants. It should be interesting to see if any of them are red perhaps with faint stripes.

One of the Promiscuous x LA2329 seedlings has very large buds on it already. Very precocious- very confident these are the hybrids I think they are.

The one exserted tiger and one big hill plant I kept from last year's seed from the crossing block are both blooming already.

The seedlings in the promiscuous project direct seeded garden are looking good I counted a few more of them today but in certain parts of just two of the three rows. Weeded around a few of them.

I found a few tomato seedlings in the other direct seeded row in the diversity garden but by the clumpiness of the patch I thought it likely volunteer seed perhaps from the tomato mummy I broke apart with my fingers while I was seeding it.

In the diversity garden there have been a large number of Colorado potato beetles waiting for the arrival of the usual sort of lawn of annual nightshade solanum seedlings. Anyway the lawn finally has arrived but also the beetles have been hanging out on my tomatoes. Poorly timed natural events!

Blogs & Media / Re: Our Weather 2022
« on: Yesterday at 07:02:21 AM »
I looked out my window and I see that it rained and there are puddles. I went to check rainfall amounts on and there aren't any. They no longer record the weather at the small local airport. Weather underground doesn't have it either. I noticed years ago that there are a wide variety of weather stations that are weather underground compatible. Sort of expensive though.

I wonder if in the past there a rain gage at the airport and some dedicated volunteer who checked it? Or maybe there was an automated gage. My grandpa used to just put a small one out in his front lawn and check it himself. Maybe I should do the same.

Edit: I bought a rain gauge for $4 from the local hardware store. There is a big storm coming Thursday night and Friday so I should get a chance to see how well it works.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-23, 07:11:56 PM »
Planted the MMM F2 crossing block x Brad's Atomic Grape and Atomic Fusion tonight after work. Broke an Atomic Fusion plant badly, put the severed top in water hoping it will sprout. Nicely overcast.

I have seven crossing blocks planted and one half way planted. I will plant an ninth tomorrow after work.

Next weekend I will plant more, some of them I only planted half of the tomatoes today for fear of frost. Also I think that was about all I could plant in a day.

The one block I said half way I put in some MMS but not the Dwarf Mocha's cherry yet. It isn't big enough yet in my opinion. Also it was inside and needs to harden off. I can usually plant straight out of the greenhouse but not straight out of the basement without serious trouble. So it is in the greenhouse now.

1. Diversity garden with some MMM and MMS for crossing
2. Arthropod Resistance
3. Promiscuous direct seeding G2
4. Late Blight in bed outside, brown rugose virus resistance in GH
5. MMS x The One this is also likely to produce The One x MMS there is one MMM out there too I think.
6. MMS x Regular leaf OSSI dwarfs
7. The One + Little Pumpkins
8. MMS x Dwarf Mocha's cherry
9. MMM x Brad's Atomic grape and its sister line Atomic Fusion

If all goes well I will be harvesting a MMM F1 x Sweet Cherriette fruit sometime soon.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-22, 04:09:00 PM »
I planted quite a few tomatoes. Still have some left to plant and some room to plant them in. I am a little nervous about the three west gardens but I saved back a few tomatoes to replant them with if need be. The forecast is 37 or 38 F but sometimes it gets colder out there and freezes.

Also a little worried about sunscald there is a lot of sun today, would be better to plant on a cloudy day.

Will see how it goes!

I think the survivors of the ones I planted a week ago or so are nicely hardened off now.

The little cotyledons are still there in the promiscuous direct seeded patch in the northeast garden.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-21, 09:31:44 PM »
Forecast has improved a little to 33 to 34 F tonight and to 38 F tomorrow night.

I think I will go ahead and plant a lot of tomatoes tomorrow. I will keep a few in reserve.

I covered all the tomatoes and turned the heat on in the greenhouse and shut the windows for the night. Hopefully for the last time!

The anther cones I placed over the stigmas dried up over the day, but most stayed on. One fell off and I replaced it with a fresh one. Then I clipped off all the forming flowers I could see on the plant other than the five and of course the one fruit that is the same cross.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-21, 11:52:53 AM »
I stuck five sweet cherriette anther cones onto MMS x BH F1 stigmas this morning.

Uncovered tomatoes I don't think it froze last night. Tonight is the last night I am seriously worried about with a predicted low of 32 or 33 F though Sunday night is still supposed to get down to 37 or 38 F

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-20, 07:41:13 PM »
Walt suggested years ago back in 2017 I think taking off the whole anther cone ring and sticking it over the stigma. I haven't tried it again in a while, but it seemed promising in 2017. Lots of sweet cherriette and other currant tomato anther cones to work with right now so I may give it another try.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-20, 07:28:10 PM »
I put three tomato cages and a water jug under the frost cloth when I put it back on.

I checked and the newly germinated direct seeded tomatoes have made it through the first couple nights of this.

Tried to collect some sweet cherriette pollen today and apply it to stigmas. It isn't a variety that produces much when buzzed! I hope the tomato currently forming from the earlier attempt will ripen soon. It is a lot bigger now and I would say about halfway to turning shiny green. If it hurries up and ripens, I will plant some of the seed it produces!

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-20, 12:49:22 PM »
I uncovered the tomato row because the high today is 55 F vs. 45 F yesterday.

They look ok. Some damage on the north end of the row where I used a thinner piece of frost cloth. Including some surprisingly severe damage to a little tomatillo clump. Mostly fine though just the growing tips a bit curved down. I would like to add some supports for tonight as I think if not the portions of the plants in contact with the fabric will freeze.

Predicted low now of 32 tonight according to

Blogs & Media / Re: Our Weather 2022
« on: 2022-05-20, 02:52:50 AM »
Several cold nights in a row here. Delaying planting of more frost sensitive transplants.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-19, 05:16:06 PM »
I have tomato flowers again on the MMS x BH F1 plant so I am going to work on making some more crosses with it and Sweet Cherriette. There are a few other plants with a couple of flowers but not really enough to produce much pollen.

I covered the plants I uncovered again and closed up the greenhouse and turned on the heater. Predicted low tonight of 33 or 34 F depending on the weather source.

Sunday which I have been planning on for my big planting day is now a low of 36 or 37 F which is a little low especially for the three gardens that get colder. Disappointing, if I go ahead and plant everything may get frosted. If I wait I will end up waiting until the next weekend. Not quite sure what to do. 

My lone Big Hill plant is about to have its first flower. So I emasculated it.

Community & Forum Building / Re: Garden Journal
« on: 2022-05-19, 03:59:17 PM »
Planted flint corn and Goldini squash today in the northeast garden. Left the tomatoes out on the land covered all day. Uncovered the tomato bed at the house. Wish the temperature would warm up to 40 degrees F at night.

Corn / Re: 2022 Corn
« on: 2022-05-19, 01:58:05 PM »
I planted flint corn today. Last year's survivors + Ruby Gold flint that Carol Deppe bred + Lofthouse Teosinte.

Have now planted flint, sweet, and flour corns in three decently well separated patches.

I used my seeder machine this year. For some reason last year I planted all the corn by hand and way too thick.

Tomatoes / Re: Tomato Journal
« on: 2022-05-18, 07:38:56 PM »
Just covered my planted tomato plants for the first of what I think will be four nights. If the frost cloth works...

Does anyone know if you have multiple cold days and nights in a row if you need to take the frost cloth off during the day?

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