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Community & Forum Building / Re: Homegrown Goodness Forum
« on: 2019-06-11, 09:42:34 AM »
Most of the time I ignore the weather threads as I just don't find them that interesting.  But I don't see why it would be off topic. This is a gardening and plant breeding forum,  weather is a big part of what we do.

Plant Breeding / Peas 2019
« on: 2019-06-02, 12:56:59 AM »
Fantastic year for peas this year! With all the rain I haven't had to really irrigate at all! Today first flowers have appeared. First on some in my elbow podded yellow podded row on a plant that appears to maybe have green (snap?) Pods. Perhaps a cross from last year? It has bicolor purple flowers.

Second that I noticed has flowered is 'Early Flowering' or 'Extra Early'. Can't remember what name it had,  but it does seem to have early flowers. Seems kinda short,  but not sure if it's a dwarf or not.

I didn't plant orange pod or mighty midget this year,  but I would expect them to have flowered by today as well.

Red podded should be soon to flower based on last year i expect as it was very early to flower as well. I guess we will see.

Plant Breeding / Re: tiny seeded melon
« on: 2019-05-30, 07:26:03 PM »
Interesting. I didn't know such a variety was pledged open. Though I'm not so much interested in the Egusi trait though I might be highly interested in the other wild genetics it may possess.

Plant Breeding / Re: Direct Seeded Tomato Project
« on: 2019-05-28, 09:46:45 PM »
WOW! so much is happening with this project i feel like i'm missing out a bit this year! haha. But with living arrangements having been up in the air i'm just glad to be working on any plant breeding / gardening projects at all! I will need to come back to the tomato stuff later, though i'm hoping to grow at least a few.

Just signed a lease to rent a house. Looks like i may be able to get a small garden area. Still working out the logistics of whether i can put in a raised bed to increase that.

But happy i can still commute to my parents property to grow some things for now. Peas are doing fantastic, will be interesting to see if some of my attempted crosses work out this generation. Working with Pisum fulvum wild relative again. Also hoping to explore other wide pea crosses.

I have two watermelon seedlings growing / emerging today in the cold rain. The early one seems happy. The second one is likely of the same family strain. I'm excited that i planted mostly 1/4 wilds of watermelon this year similar to Joseph with his tomato population! Interesting that my sub-project has eclipsed my domestic landrace project as well! I fully expect both projects to merge at some point!

i've ended planting all my annual teosinte seeds again this year. I mixed in some neandercorn, my purple foliage Indian corn, and some old seed of Astronomy Domine sweet corn. I love corn but i haven't planted any in several years! I just couldn't help myself! There is just something enchanting about corn!

*sigh* so many projects so little space and time to do them all.

Me and a few other locals are starting a participatory plant breeding project to develop two new watermelon varieites. One of the target varieties would  be a citron cross, so I'd love to participate! I got some citron seeds from GRIN, but they don't seem very red (do they lose color with age?) but starting with selected specimens would probably be even better. I'm in Canada, so we are also crossing that with small short-season varieties and cold resistant germplasm.

Cool! Yeah send me a PM or email with your address and I'll send you some F3 / bee pollinated back cross seeds! I have plenty to share. Red seeds do seem to fade over time, but I also have seed variability between different red seeded varieties. I have yet to see red seeds reemerge as black is very dominant.

I tried adding this project to the experimental farm network. So feel free to join it there if your involved and want to join it there!

Rebsie's F2 Rule: in peas, in a cross of short with tall, it seems that in the F2 generation the heterozygotes are still often taller than the pure tall and of course the dwarf peas.

Wide Cross Mother Rule: in very wide crosses it seems that more success can be made by using the more domestic parent as the mother. The more domestic ones seem to have less Gene's that are picky about what pollen they accept.

Plant Breeding / Re: Breeding for Intrinsic Qualities
« on: 2019-04-28, 07:42:15 PM »
My daddy saved the seeds from "Charleston Grey" watermelon for decades. It drifted away from the original variety during that time. Became locally adapted. I used to sell is as: "Charleston Grey, Paradise substrain" or something along those lines.

Then when I got hold of it, I changed the color of the flesh from pink to yellow. I don't call it Charleston Grey any more, even though the exterior still looks like the archetype.

Funny enough, i was just reading about local strains of Charleston Gray.

Charleston Gray’ and ‘Crimson Sweet’ are popular in African and Asian countries. Local selections in tropical West Africa include ‘Accra’, ‘Anokye’ and ‘Volta’. ‘Arka Jyoti’ and ‘Tarmuj’ are Indian cultivars, and ‘Zhongyu No. 1’ is a Chinese landrace.

I also think i planted your yellow-fleshed Charleston grey the other day. I had it just labeled "long yellow", but i'm pretty sure it was from the seed you sent and grew a season or two ago.

Planted out my watermelons and hybrids for this season! I think Simon or someone from Australia sent me some janosik or citron seeds that I seem to have misplaced. (Sorry about that! Please send them again!). But otherwise should be an interesting year!

I didn't water them. Just planted seeds.  But forecast says it will rain and snow and sleet and rain the next 4 days,  and it's been super hot here lately.  So I expect them to come up fast when they want to and do well.

I decided to plant them in "hills" this year and try not to over crowd them. About 8 seeds per hill. I may thin them out if I decide to.

This is my list:
Andrews land race (domestic)
"Sugar water"
Yellow-sweet-bitter (flesh)
1st yellowish flesh hyb.
2nd yellowish flesh hyb.
Yellow spot 1(rind)
Yellow spot 2 (rind)
Yellow-when-ripe hyb. (Rind)
Gold-in-gold domestic
Good? Orange-fleshed (domestic)
Andrew's land race (domestic)

26 pound watermelon (gilbert)

Long Yellow (Joseph's yellow fleshed Charleston grey)

Plant Breeding / Re: Good Tomato material for dehybridization
« on: 2019-04-23, 03:08:49 PM »
Am I right in thinking that anthocyanin tomatoes can show greatly extended post harvest keeping potential? I’m fairly certain this is a real thing with papers and such out there. For example I’ve grown Blue Beauty, which will keep easily 7-10 days longer than any other good tasting, non commercial type tomato, plus it tastes great, in my top 2-5 favorite tomatoes. So, would breeding for anthocyanin potentially get you better keepers with good flavor, without some of the unpleasant genes commercial tomatoes seem to incorporate?

Maybe. It's a logical thought anyway. Blue tomatoes seem to take longer to ripen,  but I'm not sure if that's necessarily a keeping quality or a side effect of basically being a sunscreen and preventing sun ripening.

There is some debate whether anthocyanins are linked to bitter flavor compounds or are slightly bitter themselves,  but with the newer blue tomato hybrids I think it was just a matter of genetic drag and other poor flavor genetics. I personally don't think there is much of correlation,  but perhaps my taste bud genetics are different than others.

I personally want to try combing a blue with green shoulders.  Can't remember if I've seen that already.

Plant Breeding / Re: Pea Database Collaboration Project
« on: 2019-04-20, 11:34:53 AM »
For those of you who are not familiar with the red-podded pea project on Homegrown Goodness, here is a link.

I've added a page for Rebsie's Red-Podded Pea on the Pea Database Project on OpenWetWare.

I've also added a page for mine. I've named it 'Colorado Red'. It is not currently OSSI pledged because of some original confusion with the application and not having enough seed to send to ossi for evaluation at the time. It's seed had already been shared widely as well and seemed hard to pledge after the fact. It is currently being evaluated by FEDCO seeds in 2019. And while it is not currently OSSI pledged, it is public domain. I hope to improve upon it and release a better red podded snow pea in the future which i hope to OSSI pledge.

Each page is pretty rough, so they need to be edited for nice style and more info like the other pages. I'm just lazy right now.

Dividing the varieties into strictly ‘Mendel’ types, and bonus types might be useful.

I haven’t grown Midnight Snow yet, but I’m going to guess that it is a purple podded variety.
If that is the case, I would move it to the bonus category.

While Dwarf Grey Sugar has purple flowers and green constricted pods, it is of medium height, so it might be better in the bonus category.

A tall yellow podded variety with purple flowers would be a nice counterpart to a short variety with white flowers.
Does Joni’s Taxi have purple flowers?
(Joni’s Taxi & Mighty Midget)
These two, when crossed, would segregate for height, flower colour (and pod colour).


Those are all good points. I mean not all these may be the best choices for each trait so they can be replaced by better ones really. But there is going to be some overlap for multiple traits and in some ways that might be a good thing. I think I only said Midnight Snow for green seeds because i'm not sure how many I have that have green seeds right now. Mighty midget used to be mostly green seeds, but I think they might be mostly yellow seeds now.

Not sure if Joni's Taxi had purple flowers,  but it might actually. I'm working on my own good tasting yellow snow pea that most likely will have purple flowers when I refund the ones i'm looking for. Saw it a few seasons ago but the seed got mixed in with all the other yellows which included yellow snap peas. It had the nice "pulverize to dust" trait which I think means it was POV for double dose of low fiber Gene's in the pod. But yeah maybe it would be best to leave out any purple podded types.

Plant Breeding / Pea Database Collaboration Project
« on: 2019-04-11, 10:13:41 PM »
For those of you who are somewhat technically savy, i started a Pea Database hosted on the OpenWetWare wiki. If you can learn how to use wiki software you are all free to create an account and help upload photos and other useful information on all known or new pea varieties.

Regarding DGS height.  A seed friend from Colorado sent DGS to both a gardener in Maine and to me in central England.  In Colorado they were short and needed no staking.  In Maine they needed a little staking and here they were about 4ft tall, not a short pea.  Sun intensity as well as early or late sowing does influence plant height a lot with peas. 

Sown in February they get taller than sown in April even in the same location.  I guess because it is so much lighter in April.  This is true for all peas, but DGS was the first one that brought this fact to our attention.

That is a very interesting phenomenon. Good to keep in mind. I had forgot about that.

Plant Breeding / Re: Orange Cotyledon Peas
« on: 2019-04-11, 09:51:44 PM »
Can the orange cotyledon vs. green cotyledon be used to be sure you have a cross?  If so, I'm interested.  My hands and eyes don't do like they used to, and I need clues like that to know I've made a cross.  Just like I need spell check to type.

Possibly. According to the gene chart i made on the Pea Database Collaboration Project ( says that the Orc gene is Semi-Dominant. I think that would mean in a cross the cotyledons would still be orange, but a light orange. But since green coteleydons are recessive anyway i'm fairly sure a cross with a yellow or white would be yellow or white. Assuming your mother plant had green seeds then i think that would also let you know you had a cross.

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