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Corn / Miniature Glass Gem
« on: 2021-01-18, 04:04:15 PM »
Hi all,

Some time ago, I acquired some interesting (presumably) popcorn*. It is corn that while miniature, has the same "palette" of colors as Glass Gem has. After a little research it looks like it could INDEED be a form of glass gem based one one of the original breeders pictures (one picture by the OB shows a group of ears laid out in a ring, and one of them is indeed miniature. And since GG's parentage includes a lot of miniature popcorns, having a miniature version would not seem out of likelihood.) 

One thing I will still have to test is it's poppability. (I'd LOVE to be able to also test it's flavor, but given where a lot of the seed came from it may have been sprayed with fixatives, and is therefore not safe to eat.) As Joseph pointed out in a previous thread, "Official"  full size GG, while listed as a popcorn, doesn't actually pop very well. Maybe this does better.

*Actually TWO, since three ears of what I have is rice type kernels, as opposed to pearl, and I kept those separate. 

Plant Breeding / Walnut species hybridization project
« on: 2020-11-19, 02:47:08 PM »
Hi all,

I now have most to all of the seeds for my proposed walnut hybridization project; making a hybrid cross between Hind's Walnut (Juglans hindsii) and the Manchurina Walnut (J. mandishrurica) .

The goal of this cross is, naturally, to get the best of each parent.

 From Hind's I want its unusual (for a not regina walnut) tendency for producing nuts which are comparatively smooth of shell (which makes cleaning them for storage MUCH easier than it is for say J. nigra)

From the Manchurian I want it's EXTREME cold tolerance (it can take temperatures so low it can comfortably grow in Southern Alaska). Hopefully this will offset Hind's tendency (being from North California)  of being a little cold intolerant.

As far as I can tell, the actual crossing   should be pretty easy. Both parents cross readily with J. regina (TOO readily in the case of Hind's where it is now hard to find pure stock) so they should have no problem with crossing with each other.

The only hard part (as I see) or rather time consuming part, will be growing the trees from nuts (plus eventually working out how to graft them, as I am not adroit)

Wish me Luck!

Plant Breeding / Update on the wild apple hunt
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:50:51 AM »
Little update on the wild apple tree hunt (from the HG site)

Not a lot to say. The Kisco spitter tree is presumably dead (with the whole COVID thing I wasn't able to go look in the summer/fall and see but if it looked totally dead last year, it probably IS.)

The spitter in Hartsdale is still there, and Did make fruit (though I didn't get a chance to collect any) but it continues to ail.

Presumably the crab apple with the edible fruit in the field is still there as well (again did not check this year) and still healthy.

Legumes / Bambarra Ground Nuts source
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:44:47 AM »
Hi all

I just though I should pass on a little source I managed to dig up. Someone on Etsy if offering half pound bags of Bambarra Groundnuts (Vigna subterrenea) from Ghana.

It seems like a lot of money but bear in mind that divided by how much you get, it's actually cheaper than buying them by the packet.

Also note that what you will get is not NEARLY as colorful as what it shown in the picture (I have no idea when the person got the picture) it's currently a typical mix , mostly solid whitish tan with a few eyed seeds and the odd brown one (I lucked out and got some Malian material that was a little more diverse, but that's all gone* ) 

*I DO have enough of the white Malian material to share a LITTLE, but bear in mind that the stuff was super buggy when I got it, and I'm still not sure all of the bugs are gone (I've  probably had to remove between 2/3 and 3/4 of the seed due to insect damage)

Seed Saving / The Ethics of Seed Saving
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:36:28 AM »
This is sort of a continuation of the Seed Stewardship thread already posted below (as it is 180+ days plus, they said start another thread)

In my case,  there is always a dilemma in seed saving or more accurately, in seed growing. While I am good at finding odd seed, I have little luck actually cultivating a garden (bad soil, ravenous animals all sorts of reasons), So I have sometimes wondered if I am doing the right thing by even trying; if it might not be better to simply pass on ALL seed I find to someone more "deserving". But on the other hand, I LIKE to grow thing, and really DON'T like the idea of ceding all control over to other people (still less basically becoming a seed piggybank expending all of the money and then giving away the fruits of my labor)

Alliums / Caucasian wild alliums
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:24:22 AM »
Hi all,

One thing I am thinking of trying next year  is a selection of  Sacred Succulent's selection of species of wild alliums from the Balkan/Caucasian area (i.e. Eastern Europe). They have six or seven species that sound like they might be of interest (plus the fact they are both wild AND very cold hardy sound attractive)

Corn / Project Jo-Gee-oh 2020 on
« on: 2020-11-14, 09:16:09 AM »
Hi all

Well, it's me Jeremy (better known to people here who were on the Homegrown Goodness site as blueadzuki) freshly joined and ready to start talking

I thought I would start with an update on corn project Jo-gee-oh (for those who weren't there when I started it, this is a project to breed a miniature flour corn from some miniature flour flint I got my hands on about ten or so years back)

Progress has not been good, for the usual reason (animals eating all of the seeds as soon as I plant them outside). my material is basically down to the all white stuff, plus about three kernels (two red one speckled). So I guess the corn will be a little on the white side (though since all of the white kernels came from multicolored ears, this isn't exactly certain)

I sprouted some this year (before the critters ate them) so I at least know the seed is still viable.

And while I am depleted of white flour, I still have my full compliment of it's sister miniature dent and sweet finds.

  Will update as new information comes in.

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