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Tomatoes / Cross with roman candle
« on: 2022-06-05, 05:27:33 AM »
I have get a few plants of roman candle this year and i found rhis variety pretty!
Someone has tryed cross with roman candle?
I have two ideas:
Roman candle x (Canestrino di lucca x andine cornue)
Roman candle x pineaple

What is the carotenoid producted by roman candle?
Lutein or zeta carotene?

I havesee powdery mildew on a few tomato plants.
Someone know if it exista tomoto tolerant at this disease?

I hope it not a too big threat for tomato.

Tinkering / Thread on the graft
« on: 2022-04-23, 01:04:46 AM »
I have see here that a few people want learn the graft.
We will put all the info found in the graft in this thread.
My idea is to started to training with easy grow as the tomato but we can even speak of fruits trees.
As interessant trees we have willow,hawthorn.
If we found thread in HG we can put the links here.

Tomatoes / Green zebra x tomato with green shoulder
« on: 2021-12-22, 05:02:13 AM »
The stripes of green zebra are well influenced by the gene U?
I understand that the gene U increase the chloroplast rate
The chloroplast is transformed in chromoplast( carotenoid).
What is the effect of U with the production of lycophene and beta carotene?

Nightshades / Difference between this two fruits
« on: 2021-12-19, 06:10:08 AM »
I have see two differents type of fruits on my andine cornue this year.
1st and 3rd photo
I can note the green shoulder little little noted, low vigor of the plant leafs light green (wispy)and fruits red toward orange.Not regular shape of fruit and tolerancy at the apical necrosis.

2nd photo
Green shoulder well noted, vigorous plant and dark green leafs (wispy) and fruits dark red.
High sensitivity at the apical necrosis.

The seeds of this two plants came of the same fruit.

Legumes / Bean cross
« on: 2021-11-11, 07:06:50 AM »
I will did my firsts beans cross!
I will started by easy cross for finish by did cross more and more difficult!
In first time i have note that the borloti bean was sensitive at the slug this year and i will cross this with a not climbing bean.
I want a bean mid climbing with more tall rod diameter and able to did ramifications most easily for increasse the slugs attacks resistance.

Cucurbits / Create my own interspecific cross
« on: 2021-10-09, 09:31:13 AM »
After my experience with tetsukabuto, i will create my own interspecific cross between cucurbita maxima and moschata.
I have choose a buternut or i have put pollen of the variety delica (sweet mama x blue kuri)(green and blue).
I hope this cross will be a sucess!
Choose a hybrid of cucurbita maxima increase for me the probability to have viables seeds!
Tetsukabuto is an hybrid between green delicious (green) and futsu kurokawa.

Tomatoes / Hybrid of tomato more diversity
« on: 2021-07-21, 02:50:40 PM »
It look more and more important to hybrided the tomatos: this year is the pur exemple.All my tomatos have caught the blight this year and i have see most dangerous i have note that a few tomatos under a shelter have a few leafs with the blight.(this shelter is may old not totaly waterthight.)
The blight is not the alone problem for example: resistivity at the mosaïc, shadow, cold, hot, drought, rain
I don't demand a tomato totaly resistiant i have understand it impossible, the most resistant tomatos today could be the less resistant tomorow i want just more diversity on my patch.
For realised this experience, i will take a few cutings of tomatos or sow a few tomatos (if the plants are too sick)  that i will isolated in pot.If it possible i will put this pot at a placement without wind for avoid the autofecondation.If a fruit get fat i will know easily if my fecondation is good.

Cucurbits / Upgrade the zucchini shape of nice with moschata
« on: 2021-07-19, 09:37:06 AM »
The season is well advanced, its too late for sow a moschata but not too for sow a pepo.
Shape of nice is extremly tasty and practice for stuff, i want try to hybrided shape of nice with a butternut.
For the better compatibility of the pollen shape of nice will be grow in greenhouse.

Cucurbits / Have male flowers of tetsukabuto without hormones
« on: 2021-07-11, 02:57:52 AM »
My idea is to grafter a few male flowers of tetsukabuto on a moschata or a maxima.
For did my grafter i will use a wire feron.
Good or bad idea?
A graft of tetsukabuto on a moschata can increase the hormone rate?

Cucurbits / Cucurbita maxima very small seeds
« on: 2021-04-18, 08:55:05 AM »
In a fruit of blue of hungary with a weight of 100g (he has grow at shadow the last year) i have found of very small seeds.They look like viable.
It worth it to sow them?
Can i selected for a plant able to grow in planter?

Tomatoes / Indigo tomato alogamous???
« on: 2021-03-02, 08:38:57 AM »
I have see an article who say that the blue rmtomato is alogamous.
She  would be able to hybrided with differents tomatos varieties.
What do you think?
The pineaple tomato was hybrided by a blue tomato and she is allogamous.

Cucurbits / Seed wich germinate in the fruit in cold conditions
« on: 2020-12-12, 02:38:08 PM »
I have see one seed germinate in the fruit of my delicata squash! I don't know why. But the fruit is outside and the temperature was largely under 10°C sometime freezy. I have put the seed in a pot and the pot toward the window of the shed.The plant look like alive after a few freez nights.It may the shell of the seed wich protected the plant.

Its a sign of resistance at the cold?

Since this year ,  i try the cuttings of squashs!
I have try with:
Cucurbita moschata:sucess
Cucurbita maxima    :sucess

Cucurbita pepo.        :I would try the next year.
However, i note that its a difficult cuttings! Cucurbita maxima ist most difficult than cucurbita moschata.
My first project is to hybrided two squash wich would came of cuttings and see if i can upgrade the capacity of the squash to be cut and did roots.
Someone has already tryed the cuttings of squash?

Cucurbits / Squash photoperiod
« on: 2020-05-17, 04:33:47 PM »
This year i have try to sow a few squash at shadow under a vegetale covert and observed their comportement for the moment the plant of squash is green more light that a plant at sunshine  and have a more little leaf. I think that the shadow could  favorized the root system and the female Flower with the action of the auxin.The plant of the last year has product a lot of male flower but a fruit very late the 15th september and little 300g.A shadow could be equilibrate auxin and gibbelerin? Last year she has did a lot of male flower.
The squash is mi maxima with the gene of pepo twin male flower.

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