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Plant Breeding / TPS 2019
« on: 2019-03-13, 02:42:51 AM »
It's about 6-8 weeks before I can plant outside.
Which means that it's time to get my TPS started ;D I'm very excited for this potato season.
What I'm sowing this year are some intentional crosses and a few seeds from bonus berries which set on their own.

Blå Congo x Salad Blue - looking for colourful early to mid season potatoes with high berry setting ability
Highland Burgundy Red x Blå Congo - looking for something starchy
Apache x Blå Congo - doing another round of these, had some plants of this cross last year and results were promising, must grow more
Mayan Gold x Inca Bella and vice versa, mixed seed, diploids - hopefully something with decent tuber dormancy will show up
Salad Blue selfed - just want to see what colours and textures it's hiding in its genepool
Linda OP - selfing unlikely, guessing on Salad Blue or Blå Congo as pollen donor, might be interesting, Linda is a really tasty and healthy growing variety
Unknown Early OP - selfing unlikely, pollen donor could be anything really, can't pass the rare occasion when an early potato successfully made seed
Heiderot F1 keeper seedling OP - ah well why not, more red potatoes will be nice

What TPS are you sowing this year?
Anyone else who is starting seeds now?

Plant Breeding / Black oats ID help?
« on: 2019-02-13, 04:39:49 AM »
I just got this little seed sample in a trade. It's labled as an old landrace of black oats from South Karelia, Finland.
Sadly I have no experience with oats and the term black oats is used for Avena sativa and Avena strigosa in Swedish. Some darkness to hulls or seeds seems to be enough to call it black oats, so now I'm confused.
Am I right in thinking this should be Avena strigosa?
Or could primitive Avena sativa cultivars look similar?

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