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Plant Breeding / Rayís breeding projects
« on: 2019-02-21, 03:11:37 AM »
I started off five landrace type projects this growing season: flint corn, moschata squash, maxima squash, melon and watermelon.
Flint corn: a complete wash out due to drought. All plants died without setting any seed.
Moschata squash: three fruit from about 20 vines. Too early to tell if any have seeds.
Maxima squash: four fruit from 20 vines. Not ripe yet.
Melon: six fruit from 40 plants. None ripe.
Watermelon: one fruit from 30 plants. None ripe.
Not a great start to any of the landraces, except perhaps the melon. It will be some time yet before I know if there are any seeds to be had in these fruits and another year before Iíll know if there are any crosses. Next season Iíll plant out a mix again, as well as any seeds I get from this yearís fruits.
The flint corn project will restart next year with a slightly different mix as I lost one this year. Iím replacing that one with a popcorn, and adding a few others in as well. Most are not flints but once the hybrids start emerging Iíll start selecting for flint.

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