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Seed Saving / General Pea Information.
« on: 2019-02-11, 01:11:11 PM »
A thread for general information about peas (not cultivar specific)
So please post your gems here. :)

                        HEIGHT        SPACING          READY(to eat)
                        -Supports     Plant  Row

Dwarf               Up to 2’       2-3”   18-24”    60 days
(Early)                -Not usually

Half-dwarf        2’ to 4’       (3”)    30-36”    70 days
(Mid-season)       -Optional

Tall                   4’ to 6+’     3-4”    48”         80 days
(Late)                 -Recommended

25 Vegetables Anyone Can Grow
Ann Roe Robbins (1942)
Dover Edition: ISBN 0-486-23029-5
Pages 137-9

Now I’ll have to figure out which genes belong to which type...
(Mini rant: Anadale Mono is not a monospaced font...)

Community & Forum Building / Photo gallery?
« on: 2019-02-09, 11:45:36 AM »
Hello admins,

I don’t usually post photos to messagboards, so my experience is limited.
Does this board have a photo galllery that I can upload images to?


Remove seeds that do not look like the majority.
They might be a different variety, cross, mutant, diseased, etc...

(Plant them separately if you like)

Sometimes what you buy off the seed racks can exhibit a great deal of “variety”.
This can be fun, but not if you thought you were buying a cultivar, and plan on saving seeds.

Seed Saving / [Cultivar Information] PEA ‘Dwarf Gray Sugar’
« on: 2019-01-29, 06:44:14 PM »
I recently read a post requesting assistance in maintaining this variety.
Please feel free to add information to this thread.

Introduced in 1892, ‘Dwarf Gray Sugar’ is a classic pea with multiple uses.
When picked in the flat pod stage, they are useful in stir-fried dishes or salads.
If you prefer, you can allow the pods to develop for a harvest for shelled green peas.

Type: Edible podded (Snow Pea; Mange-tout)

Maturity: Mid-season
For eating: 67+ days
Seed maturity: 80+ days

Height: Half-dwarf; up to 3’ (depends on the environment)
Staking/Support: Recommended

Flowers: Purple and violet

Pod Type: Edible
Pod Colour: Green
Pod Size: up to 3”
Pods/Node: 1 or 2 (depends on the environment)
Seeds/Pod: 4-7

Seed Coat: Green with purple dots; sometimes brown.
Cotyledons: Wrinkled; Green

Other Notable Features:
- Purple ring in the leaf axil
- Pod shrinks around seed as it dries

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