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Heard this Splendid Table episode on the radio today. Quite a few interesting varieties mentioned.

Cucumber that's not bland

Squash that changes color when it's ripe so you know when to harvest

Habanada pepper: Habanero minus the burn

Plant Breeding / Breeding short season cold climate luffa
« on: 2019-01-16, 10:13:46 AM »
I don't really have any plant breeding experience, though I did save some seeds from the luffa I grew in a container two years ago. I am thinking of trying luffa as my first breeding project since it operates like a zucchini (male and female easy-to-seal flowers) so it is easy to control the pollination. I love eating luffas and I want to adapt them to Colorado climate.

Starting a new thread on luffa breeding.

I have chosen smooth luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca / Luffa cylindrica) instead of angled luffa (Luffa_acutangula). The lack of ridges makes it easier to peel for cooking and also to make sponges.

The goal is to make a variety that works well in cold climates, which have short growing seasons. My definition of "cold climate" is somewhere that snows. I am in northern Colorado (zone 5b), which is also dry and windy.

Selection criteria:
  • Transplants well. I just heard about winter sowing and will try to start my seeds this way.
  • Fruits early.
  • Large total production.

I have never done any plant breeding so I'd appreciate your help and guidance.

Also, if you'd like to breed luffa with me please reply with your location, climate, and why you are interested in luffas. I'd love to collaborate.


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