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Title: Blue skin tomatoes that aren't supposed to be
Post by: William S. on 2021-08-08, 09:19:55 PM
I like breeding for Anthocyanin blue skin. However I've also noticed that crosses show up as sort of codominant for the trait. I've exploited that to find F1s.

However I also seem to find Anthocyanin in lines that really aren't.

Tonight I found a single tomato in a bag of sweet cherriette with a bit of blue near the stem.

Pinnochio also seems to have a blue spot.

I don't think this is anthocyanin at least not as we usually get it.

I think I read something recently. A blog post. There are other versions of antho genes out there and they crop up. The poster had done an experiment with them trying to create his own antho line. Wish I could find it.

Wonder if crossed to the main antho lines there might be some possible synergy?