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Title: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: PaulJ on 2020-02-10, 10:19:02 AM
Apparently increased mutations in all life forms are expected during grand solar minimum (GSM) [1.]
I know it sounds odd but the weakened magnetoshpere allows more galactic cosmic rays[2.] into the atmosphere, which causes mutations.[3.][4.]
Earths magnetic field is weakened[5.] by the changing magnetic activity from the sun [6.][7.] (7 has a nice infographic)
This is exactly the experiment that's going on in space now, they are exposing plants to space and hoping for novel gene expression.

So now is a great time to work on those projects you're hoping for something new to pop up.

GSM is also supposedly the reason to expect more volcanoes and earthquakes, which makes sense given the magnetic fields changes.
Not sure how it relates to locust swarms but I imagine, if insects are partially guided by magnetics (see bees on ley lines) I could see a correlation there.
plagues and pestilence, sound familiar?


I added links as otherwise you'll all think im a madman, which I am : )
Title: Re: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: spacecase0 on 2020-02-10, 04:06:40 PM
I have been looking at the same information
been getting ready for it for a few years now.
it is an opportunity no to be missed.

I still have yet to build a root cellar that is shielded enough to wait out the high cosmic ray days,
but still not entirely sure that I need it.

Title: Re: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: spacecase0 on 2020-02-11, 07:05:57 PM
radiation exposure is cumulative,
so if you get half the exposure because you are sleeping somewhere shielded,
then you are better off.

I follow the data.
if someone thinks I am nuts for it, then they can stay in the past. I don't care to much what they think
Title: Re: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: Steph S on 2020-02-15, 08:35:08 AM
One thing for sure, if the poles actually reverse in our lifetime (which is entirely possible) the exposure will be really high and there won't be much option to avoid it, due to the length of time involved.

The extra radiation exposure from air travel is surprisingly quite a lot.   And additive, as you said.

I wonder, at what point in the life cycle is a mutation most likely to occur?   For transposon effects I guess it would be at the time when genetic elements are combining to form the seed.   So the relevant exposure would be at the time you are making your crosses.

I wonder if you would get any mutations by carrying  pollen with you during air travel?

Some information about the research on radiation shielding and countermeasures here:
Water wall could work on the ground.

Never worry about people thinking you're nuts.  ;D   You may have different priorities, but no one can say that's wrong.  Whatever you do find out in the process, I appreciate that you shared it.   If we all got nuked tomorrow, I'd be glad I read something about radiation today.  ::)

Title: Re: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: spacecase0 on 2020-02-15, 07:32:38 PM
pollen typically does not live long enough to take on a flight...

NASA did a test where they took tomato seeds into space,
then later school kids grew them out.
some odd looking plants showed up.

so, I would expect when making seeds or in seed state is the critical point.

and the likely time range for the magnetic shielding of earth going down entirely is 30 to 40 years from now
but it is already quite week.

go look at the solar KP index, if it is low for more than a half day or so, then it is high exposure time.

mass stops radiation, put as much of it as you can between you and what you want shielded from.
a below ground root cellar is likely the best that most people are going to get.
it is time to start setting up for it and staying inside or underground on the bad days as much as you can.
Title: Re: Genetic mutations due to grand solar minimum
Post by: spacecase0 on 2020-02-17, 02:54:28 AM